Our high school program is one that is based on the simple philosophy found in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy for what God thinks the aim of learning is, that is foremost "to restore in man the image of his maker"(Education 15). Jesus is our every-day focus.




We teach a complete curriculum needed for high school graduation. 

The method we strive for is a hands on program where Math, Science, English and Technology are integrated into real world projects. By connecting these subjects to real world experiences, our students integrate their learning with past knowledge and take it deeper.





A core part of the experience at Castle Valley Academy is educating students in practical skills, work ethics, and applied concepts.

Students alternate between different CTE assignments each quarter, giving them the opportunity to learn a variety of on-the-job skills directly from staff members.


Student Gardens




One of our enterprises the students engage in is growing fresh produce for our own use and to sell from their own garden.

Beyond that, some of their time will be spent working on the rest of the farm, whether that be in the potato field, the greenhouses, or hay baling.

  To learn more about the farm and order your fresh, organic veggies:

Visit our Farm Website


Vehicle Mechanics





With such a large fleet of vehicles, machines, and tractors, students have the opportunity to learn a diverse array of mechanic skills.






Whether it be a trail ride, racing around in the arena, training, or mucking out pens, our equine education program teaches students a variety of skills and responsibilities.





Up at the cafe, Thom teaches bread making, particularly sourdough and the world's best-ever gluten free bread loaf. We market our fresh bread through our farm brand.