Senior Class Europe Trip 2024


2024 Senior Class of Castle Valley while on the mission trip to Belize
2024 Senior Class of Castle Valley while on the mission trip to Belize

By Ben, Jada, Melody, Micah, and Nathanael
The Castle Valley Academy Senior Class of 2024 is seeking your support for an invaluable educational and spiritual experience: a class trip to Europe. This is an opportunity for them to experience history, enhance their cultural understanding, and community outreach. We believe that it will also provide a closer walk with the Savior.  
At CVA, our educational philosophy extends beyond the traditional classroom setting, aiming to provide us with diverse and enriching experiences that contribute to our holistic development.
The proposed journey to Europe aligns seamlessly with these objectives, offering seniors the opportunity to explore Christian historical landmarks, engage with different cultures, and gain a global perspective that will undoubtedly shape their future endeavors.
The primary objective of the Senior Class Trip are to ignite a profound spiritual transformation that will build our faith. In essence, a journey to Europe is not merely a physical exploration, but a pilgrimage for the soul. It will be profound for these young people to see where the Waldensians were pushed from their homes and into the mountains and persecuted to no end. Whether visiting sites, researching these spiritual trail blazers, or participating in a reformation tour, we can forge a tangible link to the teachings that have shaped our Christianity.
Students will have the chance to visit iconic landmarks, museums, and historical sites, expanding their knowledge beyond textbooks. Europe, with its rich history and diverse cultures, serves as an unparalleled classroom.
The trip includes curated educational experiences, such as a guided reformation tour with insights into European history, art, society, and the Reformation.
In collaboration with the European division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, students plan to engage in outreach programs which includes volunteering in local communities, participating in service projects, and fostering cross-cultural understanding through meaningful interactions.
This transformative experience will only be accessible to the Castle Valley Academy Senior Class of 2024 with financial support from donors like you.
Your contribution will directly impact the success of this initiative, allowing us to cover travel expenses, accommodation, educational activities, and outreach programs. Your donations will directly contribute to covering the costs associated with the trip, making it possible for every student to participate.
You can also help by spreading the word! Please share our cause with your network of friends, family and acquaintances to help students reach their fundraising goal!
We believe in the importance of experiential learning and the positive impact it can have on young minds. We are invested in the education and experiences of our youth, an investment in the future. Please feel free to contact to donate or call 435-259-7719